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Online Counselling Is A Blessing for Autistic Parents

As parents of autistic kids we all go through these times when the entire situation just breaks you.  I had one of those days a little while ago and even though I love my husband very much there’s times when I just don’t want to talk him about what we’re going through.  It’s not that I feel like we need relationship counselling for our marriage, it’s just that I’ve spoken with him about these issues so often that I need a new perspective.

So after hitting rock bottom the other day I was feeling really depressed and completely overwhelmed by the situation.  I decided to get some counselling.  Specifically I wanted online counselling for depression because I didn’t want to be anxious about finding someone to look after the kids and I certainly wasn’t taking them with me.

Why do I think that online counselling can help me?

Online Counselling for Relationships

Online Counselling for Relationships

I really like the idea of being able to get counselling without leaving my home.  I can set the kids up and find my own quiet area to get the counselling and I won’t have to battle traffic to find the psychologist or counsellors practice.

Online Counselling for Depression

I knew that I needed some sort of depression counselling and the treatments involving medication for depression wasn’t an option for me.  I wanted someone who could listen and would have some idea of what I was going through mentally.  It’s an unusual grind as parents of autistic kids and I was looking for someone who would be able to understand where I’m coming from.

So after looking into the symptoms of depression, I was quite surprised to see that I had a lot of the symptoms these counsellors and psychologists were describing.  Feelings of sadness was an obvious symptom that I was experiencing. I’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping.  I wouldn’t call it Insomnia but it’s be close.  I’ve definitely been experiencing some pretty heavy feelings of guilt and uncontrollable crying.  Even though those depression symptoms are pretty disconcerting, it’s been the fact that I’m having so much trouble concentrating that is worrying me so much.

What about online counselling for grief and anger management?

Online Counselling for Depression

Online Counselling for Depression

When I really look at myself, I guess I need some grief counselling as well.  In a sense I thought that my childs chances of a normal life were gone with the diagnosis.  This wasn’t the case in reality but I really hadn’t dealt with the event completely.  It’s not like I’ve lost a child but it pierced me in a way that I’ve never been affected before.

When I broke down recently, I really lost it. Not in a violent way, not with my child there, but inside I was a mess.  I was so angry as I sat there unable to understand the circumstances that I found myself in and it kept building inside me.  I immediately saw the need for some sort of anger management strategies because I was clearly not equipped for the emotions and anger that I was feeling.

At Least I Dont Need Online Counselling for Anxiety

At least I’m not feeling any anxiety, so I’m thankful for that.  But considering the stress that autism has placed on our relationship, I guess if my depression counselling goes well maybe my husband and I can get some couples counselling to help us work through all the issue that this experience has brought to the surface.

I’ve read a little about the types of therapy that online counselling uses and it appears the cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness therapy are often used to great therapeutic effect.  I  guess I’ll have to see.  I know I need to vent and I know that I can’t do it at home, so this seems like a perfect opportunity.

I’m really hoping that the connection between the online counsellor and myself is good.  I know that I could disengage mentally and not really look for mental health support but everything in me is telling me to get help.  I’m sure that I’ll open up and be honest because that’s what’s needed to really get the counsellor to understand my issues and it’ll help me get the counselling that I need.


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